We’re looking for experienced recruiters with great people skills and a desire to do things differently.

Our consultants don’t just know their stuff, they’re good people too. The way we work together at Insight reflects the way we work with clients: we’re friendly, open and respectful of each other. We’re serious about achieving, so our team members are trusted and empowered to succeed. Structures are relatively flat, our directors are approachable and hands-on and importantly we see each other beyond the label of ‘colleague’. The members of our team have partners and families to look after, hobbies to pursue and dreams to follow. We’ve put development plans in place to help them reach their goals within the office environment and we’re flexible when it comes to facilitating their lives post 5.30pm.

In short: we believe in our people.

What we can offer you

Excellent development opportunities

Work with us and you’ll learn from some of the most experienced recruiters in the business. We’re also big advocates of professional training.

The space to succeed

We’re serious about achieving, so our team members are trusted and empowered to get on with the job. Structures are flat and our directors are approachable and hands-on.

Competitive salaries & good benefits

On top of a good base and/or performance related salary, you can also take advantage of our flexible working hours and progressive HR policy.

A great team atmosphere

It’s always more than ‘just a job’ with us so you can expect to work hard between office hours, but have a lot of fun while you do it.

Let’s Talk

For a confidential conversation contact Nick White nick.white@insightexectuive.co.uk